Do you offer OEM or ODM service for LFP battery Solution?

/May 2022


Batterlution is aiming to supply customized and integrated solar & battery storage the full system solutions based on hybrid inverter and LiFePO4 battery technology.

●   Residential Single Phase Solar & Storage Solution

4.6K/5K/6K hybrid inverter
2.5kWh ~ 20kWh LFP battery storage 

●   Residential Three Phase Solar & Storage Solution
10K hybrid inverter
10kWh ~ 20kWh LFP battery storage 

●   Commercial Small Business Solar & Storage Solution

30K ~ 100K Bi-directional PCS
50kWh ~ 300kWh LFP battery storage

we offer white lable OEM & ODM service. we are LFP battery specialized solution provider mianly in energy storage field. You can please inform us by your applications, inverter brand and model name. We will select or customize LFP battery system for you.

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